Latest Design Options

On October 30th the CIP committee presented the below slides.

Questions, comments, compliments, concerns can be sent to Superintendent Russ Holden at      

At the September 25 CIP meeting the committee narrowed the design options Banwell had presented on September 12 to C1 with E and the D1 option.  The committee recommended that Banwell and DEW continue to fine tune options C-1 (singe level elementary school attached to SMHS) which goes with option E renovations to SMHS, also selected option D-1 two level elementary school with auditorium and renovations to SMHS.

These options can be found below.

Minutes from the September 25 meeting can be found here.

The committee appreciates the support and feedback received throughout this process from the Sunapee community.   Comments, concerns or compliments can be sent to Superintendent Russ Holden at