CIP Subcommittee Timeline

CIP Subcommittee Fall Timeline

August 21 CIP Meeting SMHS, 4pm

September 12 Community Forum SMHS, 6pm - reviewing design options

September 25 CIP Meeting 6pm, SCES

October 23 CIP Meeting 6pm, SMHS

October 30 Community Forum SMHS, 6pm - pricing on specific design options

November 20 CIP Meeting 6pm, SCES

December 18 CIP Meeting 6pm, SMHS

January 8, 2020 Budget Hearing 4pm, SMHS - Superintendent reviews proposed 2020-2021 budget and warrant articles

January 8, 2020 School Board Meeting 6pm, SMHS - Board votes on proposed budget and warrant articles

Agendas will be posted on and in accordance to RSA 91-A:2